halloween-costumeDepending on who you ask, the reaction to Halloween varies considerably. For example, if you ask the Christian church representatives (I assume they are self-appointed) whom I see in the middle of the crowd with their big crosses, they will explain to you how sinful it is and would ask you to repeat some verses from the Bible. If you were in Eritrea before about a decade and read the article published in the national newspaper written by Ghirmay Yohannes (not to be confused with the comedian Ghirmay “Sandiego”) you would hardly understand anything apart from possibly condemn the act as “stupid and utter non-sense.” Then, when some returnees and possibly joint with other “wannabes” celebrated the day in one of the night-clubs owned by an Eritrean-American man, some days later the then freelancer Ghirmay published an article under the title “Satanic Day was Observed in Asmara.” Not to mention the confusion it created as result of name similarities with the comedian Ghrimay Yohannes that led him to write an article to clarify his stand and expectedly condemn such “irresponsible act,” the article created an uproar. Until recently my friend Yonatan mentioned it casually, I had no idea the writer was discussing Halloween. Readers can also hardly guess what the real event was as the writer spent great portion of his article describing the scene which he described it mostly as “semi-naked” and made it sound like “nude party.” As he possibly did not grasp the aura of the event, he has been very vague and repeatedly referred as “satanic day” instead of using the term Halloween.Continue reading